There are so many reasons to get your toddler involved in Musik Tots!

Toddler music is a natural memory booster. The best way to learn and retain concepts like colours, letters, animals and their environment is to sing, sing, sing about them! Repetition is so very important for your toddler.

Music Tots builds language skills. Not only do simple song lyrics boost your little learner’s vocabulary, but their very structure, their rhythms, words, and rhymes can help them process sounds and repeat them back. Plus, listening to the words can bolster listening skills and get them on the right track for learning how to read later on.

Musik Tots helps little ones learn about emotions. Music can soothe the ‘having a moment’ toddler. Slow, gentle melodies can calm down a cranky tot anytime of the day.

Toddler music reinforces rituals. Music makes kids more cooperative. Your child will learn to pack up, to share, to have consideration for others.

Musik Tots will bring you together – a special time of the week that you can continue at home with the whole family.

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