I am a Kids Musik Dad and have loved the time of bonding with my children through Janelle's music and especially love cuddle time! I sing all the songs and know all the dances and we spend lots of time at home extending on Janelle's music classes. Janelle has been a wonderful positive influence on the lives of our family. She has not only passionately shared music in our life with our children but she has become a lovely friend as well.
Tim, KM Dad

Janelle and Kids Musik have been fantastic for my daughter, it has given her a variety of musical areas to try and she has just blossomed with confidence. I would be happy to recommend this program to any family. Janelle has so much patience and the kids adore her... We love her!!! Go Kids Musik!!!
Cindy Loadsman

Kids Musik has been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping my very shy, very anxious boy grow into the confident, outgoing lad he is today. Music is a real joy in his life - he has made some wonderful friends and so have I. Now I have my second child attending - and what beautiful moments they are when a "rough and tumble" 3yr old boy breaks into song! Thankyou Janelle for the important role you play in our families life - not only are you our music teacher you are our treasured friend!
Lianna, KM Mum

We have been going to Janelle's classes for 3 years and our children (and us) love every minute of it. We attribute their early language development to the music and home program with Janelle. Our daughter has an understanding of musical concepts which amazes me every time she happily discusses the songs and dances she does with Janelle. The Kids Musik CD's have been a life saver for us when travelling in the car. On one trip our son was tired and upset and we had tried everything to settle him. We put on the CD and he calmed straight down, settling off to sleep shortly after. As an Early childhood teacher I understand and promote the importance and benefits of music in the lives of children. Janelle's classes have it all and deliver in every way! Janelle has far exceeded our expectations and we can see how advantageous the classes have been to our children's creative and social/emotional development. Our children (and us) have made friends, had fun, feel confident as well as developing appreciation of music and the language it speaks. We would recommend Janelle's classes to anyone who wants to see their children happy and self confident.
Helen, KM Mum

I have been taking my 3 and 4 year old children to Janelle's Kids Musik classes for approximately 18 months. Grace, Ben and myself really enjoy the music and activities and over the time I have seen a lot of positive change in both the kid's confidence and rhythmic ability. We have also met a lot of other parents and kids through our participation. Janelle is an excellent facilitator, an enthusiastic and child focused teacher who likes to bring others together through her love of music. We can't wait for Kids Musik day to roll around each week.
Margot, Grace and Ben

Whenever our two boys aged 6 and 5 ask what's on after school, there is never any cries of "no" or a faking of a broken leg when we reply "music", usually just a respectful silence, which we can only assume is because they really enjoy their time with Janelle and the wonderful program she is running. The boys enjoy arriving to class, enjoy class and particularly enjoy that home practice whilst is preferred is not enforced. We are excited that Janelle's fantastic Kids Musik program will enhance our boys musical interest, social interaction, confidence and expressive movement; life improving social skills. We can leave the boys with Janelle knowing that they will be safe, thoroughly entertained and happy, and we are particularly grateful that someone as wonderful as Janelle, is involved with our boys with their development and growing up.
Steve, Jenny, Ben and Tom

Kids Musik has provided my son and I with many memorable and enjoyable moments. Being involved has not only meant we have met lots of other lovely families, it has given us a special time each week to connect with each other. Kids Musik isn’t just about a once-a-week class – it is about appreciating how much music can add to the life of your little one. For us music is part of our everyday and the songs and routines we learn at Kids Musik are just part of our life, we sing when we brush our teeth, have a bath, pack toys away or get dressed. It is a fun way of learning that we both enjoy and at home dad joins in too! And as a mum we can never get enough cuddles, so what a great way to take some time out as we listen to the at-home CD and whirl, sway, and bounce our way through the day. Lucca has been part of the Kids Musik family since he was five months old, and it is very much part of his life. It has been amazing as a first-time mother to see how much a little brain can absorb. Kids Musik pops into our day in the most unexpected ways – when Lucca is picking up his toys and singing away to himself ‘toys away, toys away’ or when he quietly sings himself to sleep with ‘goodnight teddy bears, goodnight toys, goodnight everyone, its time to go to sleep’ (our adaptation of the goodbye song). There is no doubt Janelle's classes assist in learning, development and providing interaction with other littlies - but most importantly it fun, and as busy mums what other excuse do we need to spend quality times with our babies? Thank you to Janelle for showing such an interest in our children and their development – she has become an important part of all their lives.
Marcelle, KM Mum

Thank you Janelle for helping make Archie's life one big musical. Anything that encourages a child to put away his toys in song, touch his ears to show he is listening, or move his feet fast and slooooowww can only be a wonderful addition to his life. All that, and cuddles from you to go with it. You are truly a wonderful teacher.
Bec and Archie.

Just wanted to express our gratitude for the gift of music and passion you share with our daughter each week. Your lessons are so much fun it's like a music lesson in disguise. Our daughter has learnt so much in such a short time. She is now starting to learn other instruments at school and her teacher is amazed at how much she already knows. Your lessons have given our child confidence in her ability as well as a wonderful creative outlet. You truly have a gift Janelle - we are just so glad you choose to share it with us!
Simone & Adam, parents of 10 year old Hannah

In our first semester at Kids Musik, Isabella was very timid. This year, our second semester, she has very obviously come out of her shell, and this confidence around other children has extended outside of music classes. She is much more vocal with her friends whereas before she was quite passive. And I'm also observing that she mixes in with groups of children with ease and confidence now, rather than just observing the other kids play together. Isabella loves going to Kindermusik. She loves and is very comfortable with Janelle. And the part I love the most is that our preschooler can act her age and express her own unique qualities and moods in class, and this is achieved in a way that also encourages consideration of others. Janelle models a genuine respect for each individual child which nurtures their self esteem and sense of worthiness. Thank you, Janelle.
Mary & Ronnie KM parents

I have been taking my two girls to Kids Musik for about 18 months now and we couldn't be happier with the program. Janelle is a wonderful role model for the children and treats every child as an individual. Kids Musik is not only developing a love for music, but it also helps to develop confidence in my children.
Lindy, KM Mum

I just want to tell you how wonderful it has been to know you the last 12 years since you have taught our daughters piano. You not only have been the best teacher but a friend, a mentor, a shoulder to cry on and a person that gives the most wonderful hugs! They have grown into amazing young ladies it’s been great to watch them grow with their music. Thank you for hanging in there when times were tuff, the results have paid off, hope you are as proud of them as we are! We have only a few terms to go, I don’t know how we will survive without you in our lives, we so look forward to every week to see your smiling face, but I know we will always be friends! Thank you for the great music you have taught them so much, it will be in our hearts forever, you are the best. Love you Janelle
Carole & Grant Moss, Beaver Novello Moss Certified Practising Accountants

I like going to music cause its just great, its fun and Janelle is a lovely teacher and I have learned plenty of stuff, like C D E F and that sort of thing, I didn't know they existed!
Tyler, Encore Student

I've been coming to piano lessons since I was 8. I never knew how important piano would become and that I'd enjoy it as much as I am. And with Janelle as my teacher it makes it even better. I've learned a lot of musical stuff from you, as well as a heap of other life stuff. You're the best teacher in the whole wide world 🙂
Mary-Louise Mcinerney

Kids Musik has been a huge part of our lives for the last several years as our children Zali & Eligh's love of music has been nurtured by her wonderful teacher Janelle. Through this amazing time at music each week not only has Zali & our family made some unconditional friendships but her memory, problem solving & rhythmic skills have increased dramatically. Zali has now graduated to Encore classes which she is embracing as it is extending her by learning a whole new set of instruments & learning to read music... very exciting! Eligh is in his second year of Encore. For Eligh, music is exercise for his brain like soccer is for his muscles! Through Janelle's patience & passion for classes to be exciting & fun for the kids each week he has had some big breakthroughs with music....and having enormous amounts of fun with new instruments like the boom whackers! We would like to thank Janelle for opening her studio & continuing to keep it looking fantastic for her students & families each week, some jobs are life changing..... this is one of them! Thankyou for changing our children's lives in such a positive way!
Lydia, Nathan, Eligh & Zali Williams